On the important issues, Anna Little is the right choice for the Sixth District.

Jobs and taxes: Anna Little supports across-the-board tax cuts, which will stimulate the economy by providing businesses and individuals more capital to create jobs. Pallone blocked attempts to halt the largest tax hike in American history, scheduled for January.

Government Spending: Anna Little believes that the $3 trillion in debt amassed since President Obama took office is unacceptable. She says that we must curtail federal spending, including eliminating earmarks, and work towards balancing the budget. Pallone supported Obama’s bloated budget, failed stimulus program, and corporate bailouts.

Healthcare: Anna Little wants to repeal unpopular Obamacare and, instead, enact sensible changes, such as tort reform, buying health insurance across state lines, tax breaks for individuals to purchase health insurance, and tax credits for lower income individuals. Pallone proudly says he wrote Obamacare, which cuts Medicare by $500 Billion and will lead to a government takeover of our healthcare system.

Immigration: Anna Little favors improved border security and enforcing current immigration laws, including sanctioning employers hiring illegal immigrants. As an immigration attorney, she knows what immigration laws might need to be changed. Pallone does not believe we can enforce our current law, and supports legislation that amounts to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

After 22 years in Congress, Frank Pallone no longer represents the people. Instead, send someone to Washington who will fight for us on the issues that matter . . . Anna Little.


Lyle H. Himmel, Esq.
Aberdeen, NJ

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