david_prown_120I haven’t heard a thing about this movie “Waiting for Superman” till yesterday when I googled it.

Saw that it was a documentary on public education in the US and got very good reviews.

Went to see yesterday, not surprisingly with less than 5 other folks in the audience.

I know there are some inherent bias in documentaries and I don’t know the back story on who filmed and funded it.

Yet, still quite interesting and amazingly scary. Seriously, I would not want to be a school age parent these days anywhere in this country (my kids are 22 and 20 and that is tough enough). No doubt, city students throughout the US face the largest hurdles of all.


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The overall impression I got from the film is great teachers foster great students (regardless of the situation) and visa versa. I agree 100%.

The film followed some 6 kids and their family situations that were exceptionally real and painful. Interspersed with tons of facts (?), studies, charts etc – downright scary.

Movie spoke to so much but tied in with the bipartisan No Child Left Behind Act and the statistics nationally of the # of kids being proficient in math and english (less than 6 years aways from the 100% proficient target date now 8 years into the program was SHOCKINGLY LOW – something like 25-30% Nationally!

The film spoke a lot to the broken public school model and no doubt a bulls eye aimed at tenure (and the ease that one gets it and ramifications).

At the same time, film seemed candid not touting Charter Schools as the cure all (but they clearly had a place and path for hope due to a lack of unions). Moreso, they focused on KIPP schools (over 80 nationally) and the huge Harlem Success Academy that have shown “dramatic” test score, graduation and college placement #’s that are just darn exciting.

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