During a discussion about televising Middletown Township Committee meetings, Committeeman Sean Byrnes boldly stated that “even if the cost were $102,000, I would still be in favor of it.”  A clearly exasperated Mayor Scharfenberger then replied that he was interested in finding ways to cut spending, not increase it and that under no circumstances would he support creating such an expensive, non-essential program.  This comes on the heels of Mr. Byrnes quest to spend over six figures on a consultant that even he admitted may come back and simply say that the town is being well run.  As a taxpayer I would like to ask Mr. Byrnes a simple question, “What part of cutting spending don’t you understand?”  It is bad enough that the unions who are driving up property taxes with their outrageous contracts pour money into the campaigns of Democrats who ultimately negotiate contracts with those same unions.  We do not need additional spending on ridiculous, unneeded programs during these difficult economic times.

Peter VanNortwick
Middletown, NJ


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