I have to laugh every time I read a letter from a Democrat denigrating Middletown.

Under Republican leadership, Middletown was named one of the top 100 places to live in the country for three years in a row of eligibility.  The town has one of the lowest municipal tax rates in the region, one of the lowest workforces per capita in the state and one of the lowest spending per capita in the state.  Middletown has a stellar AA bond rating and its budget process is held as a model by the League of Municipalities for the rest of the state.

Mayor Scharfenberger has been a leader in fighting such liberal boondoggles as government subsidized, low-income housing, unfunded mandates, union excesses and the destructive policies of the Corzine administration that has left the state near the brink of economic collapse.  He has worked closely with the Christie administration to ensure that policies that would benefit Middletown are at the forefront of his legislative agenda.

Mayor Scharfenberger has called for an end to funding education through the burden of property taxes and has devised innovative programs such as the Recycle2Save program to pay for essential services without relying on property taxes.  This is the conservative leadership that is the antidote to the destructive liberal policies of the majority in Trenton.

Tristan Nelsen

Middletown, NJ

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