Dear Editor:

In four years, Governor Jon Corzine and his administration, through their ruinous policies, financial ineptitude and total submission to rich and powerful labor unions, nearly bankrupted our state, our towns and taxpayers, and sent thousands of businesses and productive people packing to other states.

In less than one year, Chris Christie has shown the courage and common sense to stand up to the powerful special interests, slash government spending, end onerous and ill-conceived policies and bring New Jersey back from the brink of total financial collapse.

Mayor Gerry Scharfenberger is applying the same common sense that Christie has applied in Trenton to our own community of Middletown.  Just this year, Mayor Scharfenberger and his colleagues have cut 40 positions in local government, initiated a wage freeze, toughened up labor contracts and forced economies that have resulted in a budget that increased the township portion of taxes only 2.67 percent.  The remarkable reforms that Christie has achieved in Trenton are being repeated right here in Middletown.

In marked contrast, the Mayor’s Democratic opponent, Sean Byrnes, is a loyal follower of Jon Corzine and his failed policies.  In his failed quest for election as Freeholder, Mr. Byrnes enthusiastically campaigned under the Corzine banner.  Makes one think: “Corzine and Byrnes – perfect together”.

The last thing Middletown needs in office is a follower in the Corzine team, the very team that burdened all of us with taxes upon taxes and irresponsible spending.

I’ll take the Christie way over the Corzine way any day, and that’s why I’m supporting Gerry Scharfenberger and Kevin Settembrino for Township Committee, and urge my fellow citizens to do the same.

Joseph Zaccardo


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