david_prown_120Went to see “Lebanon” today at Clearview Red Bank with no idea what I was seeing except knowing it was a war movie.

Set in the earliest days of the 1982 Lebanon War (which I barely remember), the camera shoots 99% of the film from a tank (either focusing on the men in the tank or through the scope). The crew inside the tank are totally nervous and freaked out as you can tell this is there 1st “battle”.

These guys puke, piss, die, bleed, liter the inside of this tank which also get filled with the refuse and debris of war. Within hours, this tank is an utter cesspool of all of the above. Respect for authority & communication breaks down early while confusion and abject fear reigns throughout.

No doubt, the most memorable scenes are those viewing the war scope of the tanks gun. I’ll never forgot the nose and eyes of a cow that had been shot and left for dead on the street with its stomach shot open. As the scope zeros in on the cows nose, you are shocked to see the cow still breathing. Then the scope zooms in on the cows eye and you see a tear.

In many ways we are desensitized to war as it doesn’t exist in our towns, states or even country. So many conflicts around the world occur on the streets around families, kids, animals, stores, churches essentially in someones community. This true conflicts exists on those same streets and the fear in the citizens and horrors they see and feel become very real to the movie viewer.

Tough movie to watch but very well done.


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