anne_mikolay_120Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places. A historic town with a small town flavor, Gettysburg’s dedication to preservation encourages respect for our nation’s past and development of knowledge of an important time in our history. Gettysburg is a peaceful, little place enjoyed by families and history buffs.

The proposed Mason Dixon Resort and Casino will trample Gettysburg’s honor in pursuit of the almighty dollar. Supporters of the Casino mistakenly believe that the Casino will bring economic development and progress to Gettysburg and Adams County, PA.

Are they insane?

Residents of New Jersey have witnessed the resulting “progress” initiated by the casinos in Atlantic City. Similar “progress” should not be forced upon the town of Gettysburg. Though Gettysburg relies heavily upon tourism and Casino supporters cite the Casino’s creation of needed jobs, the increased employment the Casino will bring to the area is not a given. In these troubled economic times when personal discretionary income is lacking, the casinos of Atlantic City are suffering. Similarly, a casino in Gettysburg is not a guarantee of economic improvement, though it is a guarantee of social decline. A gambling casino will not attract individuals dedicated to historic preservation and education. It will not attract people respectful of the town and the Gettysburg battlefield. It will turn away families and history buffs hoping to vacation in peaceful Gettysburg and attract only those who do not care about Gettysburg and its past at all.

A Casino in Gettysburg will be a tangible symbol of disrespect for the Hallowed Ground and is hardly a way to honor the soldiers who died upon the battlefield and the citizens of Gettysburg who lived through the battle. Allowing a Casino in Gettysburg sends the wrong message; if Gettysburg itself does not respect its heritage, why should anybody else?

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

If you have visited Gettysburg, or if you are a history buff, and want to stop the inevitable decline that a Casino in Gettysburg will bring, please join the crusade to stop the Mason Dixon Resort and Casino. Please log onto to find out how you can help, or express your opposition to the proposed Casino in a letter to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board,
PO Box 69060, Harrisburg Pa 17106.

History lovers unite! Say “NO” to the Casino!


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