New Jersey’s unemployment rate climbed to 9.7 percent last month, up 0.1 percent from July according to the Department of Labor and Workforce Development. We are headed for the same recessionary high of 10.0 percent we saw back in December, 2009.  So I have one question for our congressman of CD6, Frank Pallone, where are all the jobs the democrats promised to create? After all wasn’t it Vice President Joe Biden who promised this summer we would see an end to joblessness in our nation? Seems the democrats make promises they just don’t keep.  Let’s look at Pallone’s track record. Frank said on his Facebook page today that the $3 million he secured (well, well, can this be an earmark) will work to retain Fort Monmouth jobs, the funds given to New Jersey Tech.  First, how can money given to NJ Tech save jobs? Second, why didn’t good old Frank fight to save Fort Monmouth to begin with? This would certainly have saved jobs. These are questions every constituent in the sixth congressional district should be asking!

In an article titled, Is Frank Pallone misinterpreting the Constitution for Insane earmark spending, by Sergeant Chris Shalaby, the statistics indicate that Pallone spent over $62,000,000 on earmarks from the years 2008 thru 2010. This year isn’t over yet and he has already spent well over $20,000,000!  Where and to whom is this money going? It certainly has not created any jobs. Shalaby provides that much of the money has gone to places such as Energy and Water, Labor-HHS-Education, Commerce, Justice & Science, et al.

Voters of Congressional District 6 must really look at Pallone’s record and you will see what an arrogant, elitist this politician truly is. I will site you an example from something I read recently. It seems Pallone held a Town Hall Extravaganza in August of 2009 in Piscataway at the Municipal Building.  He obviously knew that Americans were on their way to protest Pallonecare. He was caught bringing in a Coach bus loaded with performers toting Pro-Healthcare signs which were professionally made, to offset the anti-healthcare group. This is typical of a person who lacks integrity, and who shows signs of desperation!

We in CD6 have a better choice.  Her name is Anna Little. On the issue of jobs Anna believes that government does not produce free market jobs. She points out that reduction in taxes results in investment in those businesses that produce jobs. She maintains that we must support and promote a free market economy, not hinder or denigrate economic growth.

On November 2nd vote for Anna Little for Congress.  She understands Americans. Anna has what it takes to restore our economic growth and to bring prosperity back to America!


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Sincerely yours,

Susan Christopher
Asbury Park, NJ

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