david_prown_120I’m pretty sure that there were earlier Step Up movies and maybe I saw, I just don’t recall.

Lots of the young people in town were talking about this movie, especially about the dancing so I was intrigued.

This movie has all no name actors (and hence mostly they could not act nor was there much of a script).

None the less, the dancing portions of the the movie were pretty darn amazing. Was it all original or digitally enhanced, I don’t know. Some of the stuff was pretty out of this world.

I enjoyed watching the dancers (almost like fraternities/gangs of like minded folks) together work out, train, drill etc. along with the almost free style, spontaneous routines that would occur on the street.

The dancers were always working towards these “battles” which is a term used in lots of arts competitions. What is confusing to me is how they determine who wins. Would be fun to see in real life.

3D effect was okay but worth $4 more bucks….hmmm

I wouldn’t race out to see but the young people I went with loved it.

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