david_prown_120The film, Love, Eat, Pray,  was sort of like Seinfeld – great entertainment about “nothing”. I loved Seinfeld and really liked this movie.

First, Julia Roberts can carry a movie and in scenes where she looked pretty or not, she is compelling on the screen. A real chick flick playing on lots of emotions and mini mid life crisis’s was more interesting in the characters, the settings, the food, and the music.

Not sure where to stop or end with this review, but I would definitely encourage you to go see it.  I think the sound track was as strong as any film this year. The settings in Italy, India and Bali were terrific but Italy no doubt stole the film (think the movie “Big Night” – 1996.) Don’t go to this movie hungry.

The the use of the native language thru out this film was wonderful.

Terrific offering of supporting actors – too many to name.

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I really enjoyed this film on many levels but for no particular reason.

Just well done, moved along and most of the characters were very likeable.

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