Immigration is one of the many important issues we will be hearing more about from candidates in the upcoming November elections.  By now we all know about the new state law passed in Arizona to better control illegal immigration into their state.  Arizona wanted this new state law because they felt the federal government did not enforce current laws or cover all problem issues.  Just days before it was to start in July, a U.S. District Judge issued a temporary injunction on one of the provisions, thereby stopping the Arizona Police from checking the immigration status of individuals if they suspect they are illegal immigrants.  Arizona appealed the decision and it will likely end up being resolved at the U.S. Supreme Court.  Incidentally 25 other states are considering a new law like Arizona’s.

Congressman Frank Pallone’s (D-NJ 6th Dist.), record has been totally non-supportive on enforcing or changing laws to help control illegal immigration in the U.S.  Anna C. Little, who is Pallone’s opponent in the November election for Congress, has very clear positions on immigration.  She believes that a country without secure borders ceases to be a nation; that our immigration process must be improved to ensure it is efficient and fair while protecting our national security; and that amnesty only invites the continuation of illegal behavior.  She believes we should welcome those who enter our country legally, with the desire to lead free and productive lives in the United States.

Bill Thorne

Ocean, NJ

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