MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Middletown Township is launching a new awareness program called Recycle2$ave to challenge the community to reduce our carbon footprint and save tax dollars.

Our first goal is to increase township-wide recycling of paper products including cardboard, junk mail, magazines, office paper, and newsprint from 1,950 tons last year to 2,010 tons in 2010.

A concerted effort by all residents to recycle more will help reduce the community’s carbon footprint, decrease pollution and conserve energy. By recycling more, we’re also sending less waste to the landfill, which saves the township money on the tipping fees charged to dispose of the material. The value of recycling is furthered by the revenue that is generated from the sale of the recyclables collected.

The 2010 Recycle2$ave goal dovetails with new state and county regulations requiring mandatory residential recycling of cardboard and mixed paper in addition to bottles, cans and newsprint. Mixed paper includes magazines, catalogs, brown paper bags, writing or office paper, envelopes (with or without windows), advertising mail brochures, school composition paper, construction paper, facsimile (fax) paper, photocopy paper, mimeograph paper, coupon insets, carbonless copy paper, non-metallic wrapping paper, and real estate listing paper.

Paper products will be picked up on the second collection of each month. They can be co-mingled in a 32-gallon container with a secured lid and a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Newsprint and cardboard can also be tied in bundles.

Recycle2$ave is simple. The more Middletown recycles the more Middletown saves. Be on the lookout for outdoor thermometers at Town Hall and the Recycling Center to track our progress toward the goal of recycling 2010 tons of paper in 2010.

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