Governor Christie’s 2% Property Tax Cap, albeit not the desired constitutional amendment to prevent democratic legislative jury-rigging, is a concrete first step in the right direction to begin relief to the ever weary property taxpayer.

Although the additional cap exclusions beyond the Governor’s plan include pension and health insurance payments, two of the largest culprits of runaway property taxes, it sets the bar for the Mayor’s Toolbox of 33 legislative reforms to execute the 2% cap for the 2011 budget.

Anyone that objects to the placement of this all important dam to control the floodwaters of New Jersey property taxes, are simply concerned that government job security, never ending pay raises, retirement payouts, and virtually free Cadillac benefits are coming to an end, and fast.

Taxpayers won’t be fooled with stories of impending doom for public education and safety. Step up or step aside because the party’s over and the real work to reduce property taxes must continue.

Kevin Settembrino
Candidate for Middletown Township Committee

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