david_prown_120Today I took a couple of kids to see “Despicable Me” in 3-D at the Middlebrook Clearview Cinema in Ocean.

I generally go there because they have the best price, decent show times and the smallest audiences (to I can hear).

We bought our tickets and went in. We were like 2 minutes late and thought we would encounter previews. Clearly the time I got off the net was wrong (or I read it wrong) as the movie clearly had been on for a bit.

I didn’t know how long the movie had been going and the kids seemed content so I let the scenario play out. Well the movie was over in 40 minutes (still very good) and clearly something wasn’t right.

We arrived for the 2:40 pm show and a look at the tickets showed a 4:20pm time (I guess they thought we got their extra early though the crowd was smallish). So I went to speak to an employee in a gentle way who got the manager for me.

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I explained calmly and he couldn’t have been kinder. He immediately refunded what I paid, let me keep my Clearview points and gave me 3 free tickets to come back.

Wow – killer customer service and I’m telling everybody this story. Now I know why I frequent Clearview theatres.

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