I have been a resident of Union Beach for the past eight years. In that time I have lived on Dock St., which literally backs up to BRSA. During those years BRSA has continually strived for progress that has been both environmentally friendly and efficient. The results of efficiency trickle down to Union Beach and the other neighboring townships. By seeking proven ecological technology the results not only benefit our local community but also our world community.

Through out our history environmental progress has always met resistance. Yet years later we all reap the positive effects. During the early years of recycling so many people complained of the sacrifice and inconvenience it involved. Today the world is experiencing the overwhelming benefit of that inconvenience. Likewise, we all know that our waters are cleaner today then they were in the 1960’s when I was growing up on the shores of NY & NJ. As world citizens we have ourselves to thank for our commitment to a cleaner environmentally friendly world.

This past December News 12 did a spot on the proposed Turbines at BRSA. During the interview I was amazed at a statement that was made by a Keyport resident in his opposition to the turbines. He said, “alternative energy is good but not at the cost of spoiling his water view”. Much of the propaganda I have received and heard has had this and similar reasons for opposition.  How short sighted can people be! I wonder if he would be against this form of alternative energy if he had crude oil washed up on the shore he loves so much?

As fellow citizens of our community and the world we have an obligation to look past our own self-immediate interest and to the future of our children, grandchildren and the earth that we share.

In light of the current Gulf oil spill I am especially dismayed and perplexed at such opposition to a proven, clean, alternative energy. Our energy crisis needs to be addressed today and we all have a responsibility to make a difference, every bit counts. Union Beach has an opportunity to respond to the energy crisis and do their part for a cleaner community, country and world. I, for one, am 100% behind these modern day windmills and would be proud to be part of a community that is doing their part to make a positive difference to our environment instead of complaining about it.


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Victor G. Cresci
Union Beach

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