Dear Editor:

When he is in the district meeting with constituents, Congressman Rush Holt comes off as classic New Jersey moderate, whose votes mirror the will of his constituents.  However, over the last 12 years Mr. Holt’s record in Washington is anything but moderate.

The respected National Journal, a non-partisan publication, ranked Mr. Holt as the most hyper-partisan member of the entire Congress.  He votes with Nancy Pelosi’s agenda 99% of the time, and wrongly believes that higher taxes, more spending and bigger government are the way to improve our economy and create jobs.  As unemployment hangs around 10% despite nearly $1 trillion in new federal spending, it’s time for a new approach.

Businessman Scott Sipprelle is an independent-minded, centrist who believes that the only way to get our economy moving and to create jobs is through lower taxes, less spending and forcing government to live within its means.

Mr. Sipprelle has proposed an ambitious policy agenda he calls his “Blueprint for Renewal,” which can be found on his web site Issues section at

Mr. Sipprelle has a proven record of creating jobs, while also taking on powerful interests on Wall Street.  Mr. Sipprelle has even pledged to term-limit himself to no more than six years in Congress so he can focus on problem solving, not politics.

I urge all residents in the 12th Congressional District who are tired of career politicians, powerful special interests and extreme partisanship in Washington, DC, to give Mr. Sipprelle a look this year and consider changing course.



Michael Giordano
Lincroft, NJ




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