david_prown_120I hadn’t been to a good arts film sort of flick for a while so I was pleased to see “Cyrus” opening up at the Clearview Arts Cinema on White St.  Didn’t know a thing about it except that it starred John C. Reilly who a major, major talent.

Then when the film opened up to see come onto the screen a still very attractive Marisa Tomei – game on.  Shortly we are introduced to her 22 year old but clearly much less mature (with issues) Jonah Hill (who often appears in R rated comedies like “Get Him to the Greek” currently in theatres, often as frumpy, oft-teased character).

Here there is a odd mother/son thing going on which leads one on to think it is going to cross the line.  It gets close, darn close, but doesn’t go over the line.

Both male roles are fighting over Molly (Tomie) and it is a most interesting and different battle.  Brilliantly filmed in that seemed like in all scenes the camera was hand held and followed the actors. I enjoyed this.  Plus I really liked the awkwardness of the script, particularly the yelling/cursing scenes.  They were halted, disjointed like you would here in a normal fight.  Not tight, well scripted riffs in most movie fight/argument scenes.

I really liked it.


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