I take exception to several statements by Chris Fotache in his recent letter on the BP oil spill.  He said that the moratorium “is like banning all commercial flights after a plane crash”.  Actually, we often do ground all aircraft of the same type until we can determine the cause. There are currently 33 wells being drilled in the Gulf and all of them use the same safety system and the same kind of blowout preventer that failed on the Deepwater Horizon.  More importantly, no one knows how to stop the current flow except for a relief well, which takes several months to drill, and then, there is no guarantee that it will be successful.  We have stretched our resources to the limit, in an attempt to clean up this mess.  How could we possible contend with another?

Another flaw with comparing this to a plane crash is that a plane crash does not cause extensive environmental damage.  This disaster has caused the greatest environmental damage in our nation’s history.

The judge who struck down the moratorium has financial interests in 14 energy companies, including Transocean and KBR, a subsidiary of Haliburton.  Clearly he should have recused himself.  This is a gross conflict of interest.

Mr. Fotache also says that we can only reduce our dependence on foreign oil by extracting domestic oil.  Wrong!  We need to reduce our dependence on all fossil fuels.

First, they are a finite resource.  No matter how much we drill, or how much we mine, eventually they will run out.  And burning them contributes to climate change.  We need to drastically increase our research and production of renewable energy.

William C. Stevenson
Red Bank, NJ

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