george_hancockstefanThis week, as most schools complete the days missed for snow and conclude with graduation ceremonies, they will close for the summer. The majority of elementary school kids will be happy to be out of school, while the majority of high school seniors hope that they have found some part-time job to earn them spending money for the summer and their upcoming semester.

Listening to the high school students and their parents, one finds out that most of the high school students have found very part-time jobs – a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there.  The economy has affected not only the parents, but also the graduating high school students.

For a couple of days, most parents will be happy that their children are home.  After that, they will look for places where their children can go and use up some of their energy.  In addition to the planned family vacation, many students will take various classes, attend recreation programs, go camping or attend the local Vacation Bible School.

In our community, the Area Association of Christian Churches is sponsoring Vacation Bible School from Monday, June 28 through Friday, July 2, 2010, from 9:00 to 12:00 noon at Atlantic Highlands Elementary School.  On Friday, July 2nd, there will be a celebration program at noon. The theme for this year is “High Seas Expedition – Learning About God’s Word!” The registration is $20 per child and there are classes for children age 3 through age 10.  Teens and adults from the area churches are on staff. Each day will include music, arts and crafts, games, snacks, and a Bible lesson.

Vacation Bible School is so reasonably priced because the local churches make financial contributions and there is an offering on the last day. If a family cannot afford the registration fee for their children, they are still very much welcome to come and bring their children to VBS.

Vacation Bible School is a community opportunity for the children to learn about Jesus, but it is also an opportunity for the older kids to participate as helpers and leaders.  One of the most beautiful things to see at VBS is how the children disciple one another as Jesus Christ has taught us to do.

If you have not signed your children up yet, please do so – we will still accept registrations. If there are relatives or children in your neighborhood who could come to this year’s vacation Bible School, we encourage you to call the Central Baptist Church office – 732-291-8111. We do not want any child to miss learning about Jesus Christ or any young person missing an opportunity to serve Him.



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