More than four months have passed since I first contacted the National Park Service, specifically General Superintendent Barry Sullivan of Gateway National Recreation Area, concerning the Ft. Hancock Chapel, Theater and 26 Hudson Street buildings.  I had asked for specific information concerning the total amount of rent fees and area fees collected by the U. S. Government/National Park Service from Sandy Hook Partners, LLC, the recipient of the bogus, improper, 60 year lease awarded on July 6, 2007 by the National Park Service.  I asked for the annual amounts received for Fiscal Year 2007, 2008, 2009, and to the present date for rent and area fees which were to be calculated separately.

In addition to the foregoing requested data, I also asked that the specifics of the property insurance required of Sandy Hook Partners be provided since the Government was no longer the self-insurer of these buildings..  I asked for the insurance company’s name and the individual insurance coverage amounts for each of the buildings.

The only response that Gen. Supt. Sullivan has elected to provide to me is that Sandy Hook Partners “is current”.  No figures were provided! No insurance company was named, nor was the amount of insurance coverage stated.

Upon receipt of his totally lacking response, I wrote another letter to Sullivan, expressing my disgust and displeasure with his cavalier and totally inadequate reply, wherein I reiterated my original request.  Despite numerous phone calls to Gen.Supt. Sullivan and his staff concerning this matter, no additional information has been received by me.

The information I have requested is general information that is not proprietary by any means, and is definitely releasable to the public.  No state secrets are involved here.  This surely is not the Manhattan Project.  But Sullivan continues to “stonewall” my legitimate request for this information.


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Upon my latest telephonic conversation with Ms. Jane Ahearn, the Information Officer for Gateway National Recreation Area in its New York office (718-354-4607) she related that she believed that the data I was requesting, had been provided to me because “it was not proprietary”.  I readily agreed that the data requested was not proprietary, but I stated that I still had not been provided the rental data in question.  Ms. Ahearn was to discuss this matter with Mr. Sullivan—that was over three weeks ago.  Despite subsequent calls to her and Mr. Sullivan the week of 06/02/10, no response(s) have been received.

If you agree with me that the public is entitled to know how much, if any, monies have been received by the Government as a result of this improperly awarded,  bogus 60 year lease agreement, I invite you to call or write Gen. Supt. Barry Sullivan’s office and tell him to release this nonproprietary data.  His telephone number is 718-354-4568.  His mailing address is: General Superintendent Barry Sullivan, Gateway National Recreation Area, 210 New York Avenue , Staten Island , New York 10305 .  If enough people do so, the public may finally find out how much has been paid to the Government by Sandy Hook Partners, as well as the insurance coverage details.

Inquiring minds want to know, and have every right to be provided this data, even if it is embarrassing to the National Park Service.


Peter P. O’Such, Jr.

Fair Haven , NJ

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