Open Letter to: Paul Christopher Ed.D,  Principal, MAST

Dear Dr. Christopher,

I am writing today to ask that you review and hopefully resolve a problem with the weather station located on the MAST campus.

Last week I visited the office at MAST and inquired about the inoperable status of the station and was told that the school personnel were aware that the station was not working and that fixing it was a low priority, not to expect it fixed anytime soon and that, was all they wanted to say about it, goodbye.

I had previously contacted the Weather Bug Corporation and they were aware that the station was down and tried to call the school to help resolve the problem. They advised that repeated calls to the school were not returned.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

Weather Bug provides a valuable service to the public by reporting local weather conditions. There are a number of stations nearby including High Tech, Monmouth Beach and Middletown High School. As a fisherman, I very well appreciate reports from Sandy Hook. Also, if I were a just a father interested in taking my family to a day at Sandy Hook, the weather  there could be far different than at High Tech in Lincroft.

High Tech and other school stations seem to be up and functioning about 98% of the time and Mast seems to be down more than operational.  You may not be aware, but the weather button on your own school website is reporting conditions from the station at Monmouth Beach School and not MAST.

I believe that if there were an equipment problem, Weather Bug would help repair it. If it is an internet problem, they would advise. I suggested that MAST call someone at High Tech for help and your secretary said that they do not talk to High Tech. That sounds like rivalry, which can be good, but sometimes silly.

Thank you for your consideration and any help you may provide.




Robert Creutzburg
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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