I find it amazing how politicians will change their colors to suit the popular trend in this country.  Close to home we have Anna C. Little, the Tea Party Approved candidate for Congress,District 6.  She is now tightly embracing the hysteria of immigration to hold the Tea Party line.  But just look her up on Facebook…her law firm business to be exact.  She apparently dedicates a large part of her practice to representing illegal immigrants and finding them a path to citizenship.  I have no problem with her private practice and think people deserve a chance to come to the US and become a tax-paying citizen.  I do, however, take issue with yet another politician saying one thing and doing just the opposite.  Interestingly enough, the “discussion” links she has posted on her Facebook account are in Spanish.  Presumably Tea Party constituents adhere to English-only policies as well and haven’t uncovered the fact that their “Approved” candidate is just another lemming.


John Jeandron
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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