Perhaps the most inspiring moments of my political life have been the impassioned discourse in which I’ve participated at recent constitutional rallies and conservative town hall meetings.   The passion and conviction of the individuals in attendance has given life to a movement from coast to coast throughout the United States.   Choosing to run for elected office is a significant moment in the life of an elected official.  While I have run for election before, my campaigns have never felt so significant as this one does today.

The United States of America is in crisis.   The economy is ailing, jobs are scarce, and government stimulus or bailouts promise to perpetuate these conditions by driving taxes higher, increasing the cost of doing business.  Employers not only hesitate to hire due to these conditions, but they consider downsizing to weather the economic storm.  Layoffs have left families without health insurance at a time when job loss makes payment of medical bills difficult or impossible.

The government solution to health care, while noble in concept, again drives taxes higher, and when implemented may drive individuals into bankruptcy and employers out of business.   Further Americans are frightened that a government option for healthcare means government directed rationed care, eliminating doctor patient privilege and patient treatment choice.   In this moment when financial stress is at an all time high, Americans now fear that they will not be able to obtain good quality, timely medical care for themselves or for their loved ones.

Terrorism at the hands of anti-American groups has finally touched American soil.  Americans are demanding that the borders of this nation be secured to protect the constitutional rights and the safety of American citizens.   A call to action has been heard from coast to coast for strict enforcement of existing immigration law, especially against those immigrants not legally present in the United States.  In essence, the American people are stating that laws on the books in this country must be strictly followed and enforced.  When immigrants come to America, the country of immigrants, they must come legally in respect of America’s immigration law.

The conditions described above have caused Americans from all walks of life to rise up, leave their homes, and gather in public meeting places to discuss these issues, and create a plan of action.   At these gatherings I have met neighbors, friends, military veterans, mothers, and grandmothers.    The list can go on.   The common theme is patriotism, demonstrated by a devotion to the American flag and the history of this nation’s founding.   Since visiting Washington DC as a college student on a Washington Center Internship I have carried the inspiration of the founding fathers with me as I serve in government.   The participants in this Tea Party movement are singing to my soul.


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Our founding fathers gave birth to a nation governed in self-determination “…of the people, by the people, and for the people…”    As the founders rose against military occupation, taxation without representation, and the bailout of a tea company, Americans today are rising against representatives who hear but fail to listen, who act independently without representing the views of the people they serve.   Constituents are demanding that elected representatives take direction from the people, not politics and special interests.

In essence Tea Party 2010 is against taxation with false representation.    Our founders had to use muskets and violent revolution to achieve their goals.   Today we use their legacy, the Constitution of the United States, and the election process to effect a peaceful revolution in Congress.   I am honored to be a candidate representing these proud and passionate Americans, and working with them in 2010 when the People Will Take Government Back.


Mayor Anna Little of the Borough of Highlands is a former Monmouth County Freeholder and a Candidate for Congress in the June 8 Republican Primary Election for Congressional District 6.

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