Anne Mikolay
Anne Mikolay

When the box arrived, I jumped up and down, unable to control myself.

My sons shook their heads.

“Mom’s lost it!” They said.

They didn’t know what they were talking about! I hadn’t lost it. In fact, I had found it, another piece of which was tucked inside the box.

You see, I recently embarked on a campaign to recapture my youth. My surprisingly successful efforts have absolutely nothing to do with Miss Clairol or botox. To coin a familiar phrase, “I got it on Ebay!”

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My quest began one lazy afternoon as I was scrolling through Ebay listings just for the fun of it. I had no intention of bidding on anything – until I saw an auction for a “little kiddle” doll.

Skipper Doll


The classic Skipper doll, circa 1960s, brought back my childhood

“I had one of those!” I exclaimed, and I was instantly transported back to the sixties when I happily played with a tiny, honeysuckle scented doll known as a “little kiddle.” To my astonishment, the doll in the listing, a two inch treasure encased in a plastic, honeysuckle perfume bottle, was now highly collectible, and quite expensive. I had to have it! Undaunted, I plunged into a bidding war, and persevered! The day the little kiddle arrived, I showed it to everyone, with all the enthusiasm of my former eight-year old self.

Next, I hunted for the infamous Barbie. Not the “standard” blond, mind you. I went after the original, classic, bubble-cut Barbie of the sixties, which I soon discovered was very hard to find in good condition. Day after day, I looked through Ebay listings of orphaned, blond, poseable Barbies, but refused to settle for anything less than the brunette, rigid Barbie I remembered. When a listing for a bubble-cut Barbie came up, with dramatic apologies from the seller for the loss of Barbie’s earrings, I jumped right on it. (Who cared about earrings? My Barbie never had earrings anyway!)

A predictable bidding war ensued. I emerged the victor, but I wasn’t satisfied yet. She was still out there, my all-time favorite childhood doll, the one that had inspired me to put Barbie permanently in her carrying case. Skipper!

Ebay did not disappoint. I found her, listed at a buy-it-now price far higher than I wanted to spend. I threw caution to the wind. With one swift click of the mouse, she was mine!

And she had finally arrived!

Hopefully, the contents of the box before me would live up to my lofty expectations. The Ebay listing had sounded too good to be true: a mint, vintage 1964 titian Skipper doll. Beautiful, reddish hair. Bright, blue eyes. Skipper had been my favorite toy, the star of my childhood. Would the doll now inside this box come close to the original?

I tore open the package, and carefully pulled aside the tissue paper.

The moment of truth.

She was perfect!

As I lifted the Skipper doll from its wrapping, my heart took flight back to the days when Mommy, Daddy, my sister, and I lived in a simple, white house, and life was sweet, and safe, and good to the core.

I clutched my new, “old” Skipper doll, and danced around the living room.

My sons stared at me – again.

“Mom, you’re such a kid!” They laughed.

Well, not really. But thanks to Ebay, I can once more revel in the joys of my youth, and share with my children a bit of what made the days gone by so special for me.

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