ImageAs we are moving forward in the election season, the rhetoric gets more effective and the facts are placed on the sidelines.  There are blogs and newspapers committed to one candidate or another and they proclaim the worst information about the candidate they do not like.  Sometimes this is done with the tacit understanding of the campaign headquarters and sometimes it is done without its approval.

At one point or another, the commitment of McCain, Clinton and Obama to the Lord Jesus Christ has been questioned.  Only the Lord who searches and knows our hearts knows that reality completely.  However, one is also encouraged to look at everyone who calls upon the Name of the Lord for some fruit of that identification.  That may be seen in regular attendance in God's house, a disciplined spiritual life, a joyful giving of one's possessions, witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ and being concerned with the poor and downtrodden, seeking justice for all the people and being concerned with God's world.

Having set the above as a possible way of assessing a commitment to the Lord, one has to quickly admit that there are multiple views in Christendom.  There are Christians who believe that witnessing for the Lord is of paramount importance and there are Christians who during their whole lives have never witnessed even once.  There are Christians for whom ecology reflects their commitment to God and there are Christians who are major polluters.  There are Christians who daily read their Bibles and pray and there are Christians who struggle with this discipline.

It is because of this wideness in Christendom that someone like Jerry Falwell (recently deceased) believed that Hillary Clinton running is the best thing for the conservatives because it will energize their base.  James Dobson, on the other hand does not consider McCain conservative enough and he will not vote in this election (a position that the well-known historian Mark Noll presented for the previous election in 2004). Some people do not question Obama's Christian commitment at all, but are uneasy with the fact that he belongs to a mega-church that has exclusivist tendencies.

It is easy to build a case for or against anyone.  The campaign managers for all three major candidates are going to sharpen their combative skills to win, sometimes at any cost.  Sometimes people outside of the campaign headquarters are caught in the same circle.  They want their candidate to win at any cost.  Recently, one Time editorial raised the question if a newspaper that picks a candidate can be objective in reporting on the other candidate.  Sometimes in some churches, the preference of the pastor is being announced and people are persuaded to vote in that way.

Winning at any cost is exceedingly dangerous.  It is exceedingly dangerous for the candidate and it is exceedingly dangerous for the people that support them.  Therefore, any use of data that is known to be false, tendentious or minimizing any of the other candidates should not be used by the candidates or any of their supporters. 


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Rev. Dr. George Hancock-Stefan

George Hancock-Stefan

Pastor George Hancock-Stefan completed 30 years as the pastor of the great congregation at Central Baptist Church in Atlantic Highlands in 2020. Those 30 years have been a blessed time for him, his wife...