ImageThe promise of the Industrial Revolution was that we will have more time to do things together.  The promise of the Computer Age was that we will have more time to be with our loved ones and to have a more leisurely pace. Yet the Industrial Revolution introduced the second and the third shift and the computer age has connected us so much to the office that many people have to be available 24 hours a day and the work day is extended as more work is brought home. Talking with young people and their parents we find the same situation.  While they are younger and without their own motorized transportation, the schedule of the chauffeuring parents gets incredibly hectic.   Once the young people can drive, between being at activities, driving late at night and being home and connected via the computers, sleep becomes a mythic concept. In talking with so many people whose attendance in God’s house has thinned, we find out that it is the myriad of things that have to be done which takes them away from God’s House.  It seems that is cross-generational – you can talk with teenagers, CEO’s and retired people – the story is the same -no time for God’s House. One way to look at this problem is that we have become enslaved to the things that we have or the things that we want to get.  We want to get an expensive car and we work to get it and once we do, it should be driven around on any good day.  We want to get a boat and we work hard to get it and once we have it we must be on the ocean to enjoy the pleasure of having it. The other way to look at the problem is that one thing that has been disappearing is the reality of worship.  The Christmas celebration is calling us to do exactly that.  It calls us to slow down and to pay attention to the uniqueness of Incarnation.  It calls us to come and worship Jesus Christ the Lord.  It calls us to continue to do that throughout the year because Jesus Christ is worthy to be worshipped.


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Rev. Dr. George Hancock-Stefan

George Hancock-Stefan

Pastor George Hancock-Stefan completed 30 years as the pastor of the great congregation at Central Baptist Church in Atlantic Highlands in 2020. Those 30 years have been a blessed time for him, his wife...