ImageA great stir has been created by Ms. magazine with the publication of an article entitled "We Had Abortions."  While the magazine published the names of only 1,016 names, as of Tuesday, October 10, 2006 when the magazine appeared on newsstands, Eleanor Smeal, the president of the Feminist Majority Foundation which publishes Ms. announced that over 7,000 women have signed online.  These women, by signing this declaration, stated that they are unashamed of having had an abortion.  We all understand that this is a campaign piece because as we get to know more about the reality of the baby in the womb, the more difficult it is to call that life a nebulous, undefined "it."  The more medical science overcomes the "we do not know" statements in the Roe vs Wade case, the more we see how horrific the abortion procedure is.

As I was reading the lead article over the Internet I had two different reactions: one was the absence of shame, and the other was the fact that the second group was missing from the interview.

During an interview, Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, reflecting on his childhood and the childhood of many children today, mentioned that what is absent today is the concept of shame.  He was ashamed to do certain things because the elders (both men and women) of the community were watching.  Today, shame has disappeared and teenagers have no problems in disregarding the community elders or their advice.  People are encouraged to do awful acts and not to be ashamed! 

I am not implying that every woman who has had an abortion thinks this way, but the tone of the article is in this direction.  However, abortion does create a slippery slope in regard to the value of human life.  If we are not ashamed to terminate a life that is the womb, we will not be ashamed to terminate a life that is outside the womb – unwanted and demanding children, unwanted and hard to get along wives, co-workers, and unwanted, useless parents. 

I wonder how would this interview be if Ms. had an opportunity to interview the children who were aborted.  Would they have said: "I am so glad that my mother aborted me!  I did not want to live anyway!"  "I understand that I just did not fit in the life of an aspiring actress (in the life of an ascending career, in the life of a teenage girl, in a life of poverty, or in a life of someone who wanted to finish high school and college)? Since I did not fit in I am glad for what my mother did!"


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The Bible tells us that all the sins that humans have done are forgiven and God grants forgiveness to those who have had abortions.  Statistics show that there are women who had abortions and who have experienced the forgiveness of God.  I think that the Ms. article needed some humility, not boasting in the evil that has been performed.  On the other hand, God tells us to speak for those who are without voice, and probably there is not another group which is as voiceless as those whose lives are finished before they leave the womb.  Thus, I think that the article would have been more balanced if Ms.would have had an opportunity to interview them.




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Rev. Dr. George Hancock-Stefan

George Hancock-Stefan

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