rbr languageRBR World Language Italian students recently swept the three top prizes in a state-wide Italian-language based competition sponsored by the Italian Teachers Association of New Jersey; Pictured (left to right) with their teacher Federica Proietti Cesaretti are:  Taylor Adams, Union Beach, First Place; Sirenia Tochihuitl, Red Bank, Second Place; and the team of Raymond Soya and Liam Tyler (both of Shrewsbury), Third Place. 


LITTLE SILVER, NJ - Red Bank Regional (RBR) high school students and teachers always look for opportunities to improve their skills through competitive engagements. To that end, RBR’s World Language teacher of Italian, Federica Proietti Cesaretti entered her students in the 2017 competition sponsored by the Italian Teachers Association of New Jersey (ITANJ). RBR competed with eight other high schools with approximately 40 students in all, submitting multi-media projects in Italian regarding Italy’s response to climate change. The projects were due the end of January and the winners were announced in April. RBR students swept all three awards, taking first, second and third place.

According to the ITANJ, students were judged on written text, oral expression, the use of a minimum of two technological tools and a clear passion and enthusiasm for the Italian language. The committee stated in their contest requirements, “Students must show how Italy has impacted/contribute to the development, the preservation and safeguarding of our environment.”

o First Place went to Taylor Adams, Union Beach
o Second Place was awarded to Sirenia Tochihuitl, Red Bank
o Third place was secured by the team of Raymond Soya and Liam Tyler, both of Shrewsbury
Federica Proietti Cesaretti comments, “They are hardworking students and very creative, I am so proud of them.”

Taylor created a master video mixing other videos, according to her teacher, “In clear and beautiful Italian.”

Taylor comments, “I covered how climate change is an influencing factor in the flooding in Venice and the earthquakes in Umbria.”

Sirenia did a power point presentation using Google slides, narrating in Italian, the ways the country of Italy are conserving energy. She explains, “Something as simple as loading a full dishwasher to wash dishes rather than doing them by hand is one way.

The young men created a newscast on how Italy handles is waste and recycling and other solutions to combat this crucial global problem.