officers rowSANDY HOOK - Gateway National Recreation Area (Gateway) has issued the first lease on Officers Row at Fort Hancock Historic Post.  Brian Samuelson and Joseph Dorsey are the pioneers who signed a 60-year lease for Building 21.

"We are looking forward to working with our lessees for years to come," said Gateway superintendent Jennifer T. Nersesian.  "This is a great start for our goal to lease all of the buildings in Fort Hancock and create a viable, vital community that enhances this national park."

ft hancock bldg 21Building 21

This continues a process Gateway began in late 2012:  seeking to preserve historic Army buildings through adaptive reuse.  Multiple historic buildings within the Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground National Historic Landmark can be leased for a variety of uses; residential and compatible uses; commercial uses; and not-for-profit uses.  Instructions on how to submit proposals and other details can be found at

"We hope to pave the way to save all of these magnificent structures out on Sandy Hook and further enhance the work of the National Park Service", said Brian Samuelson and Joseph Dorsey, the new leaseholders.  "We are grateful for all the work and help of the Fort Hancock 21st Century Advisory Committee, as well as the personnel of the NPS that have been instrumental in this pioneering project.  We hope to eventually make accommodations available for the general public for summer rentals.  Our website should be up soon."

Since January 2013, the Fort Hancock 21st Century Federal Advisory Committee, a group of federally appointed representatives of the local community, has advised Gateway concerning options for preservation of Fort Hancock's historic landscape and buildings.  Its members include local elected officials and experts in fields such as real estate, education and the environment.  Meetings are open to the public and include a public comment period.  Meeting summaries and information can be found at

About Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground National Historic Landmark

The Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground National Historic Landmark is the entirety of the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area.  The peninsula has played a major role in the defense of the New York Harbor from colonial days to the present.  Fort Hancock, a U.S. Army fort, was renamed in 1895 and operated until it was deactivated in 1974.

About Gateway National Recreation Area

A large diverse urban park spanning two states, Gateway combines recreational activities with natural beauty, wildlife preservation, military history and more.  Visitors can hike, picnic, swim, sunbathe, bike, visit the oldest lighthouse in the nation, see an airplane collection and camp overnight, all in the New York metropolitan area.  Gateway is one of the ten most visited national parks in the country.  For information about Gateway's upcoming public programs, see the park's Web site at  To join the conversation about Gateway, like us on our Facebook page