rbr_2nd_life_bikesPictured is an ebullient Albert Torres III of Union Beach with his refurbished bike. He is flanked (left to right) by RBR freshman and event volunteer Madison Daly and her mom, Dulce Feito-Daly of Little Silver.  Feito-Daly spearheaded the bike give away event in collaboration with the Borough of Union Beach, Second Life Bikes of Asbury Park and the RBR SOURCE. Volunteers were able to distribute 80 bikes to Union beach children who lost their bikes in Superstorm Sandy.

Little Silver, NJ -  Little Silver resident and design project management consultant Dulce Feito-Daly has amassed a great deal of connections throughout her 17 years of experience as a design and project management consultant. She lobbied many of those contacts this year as she tried to help her fellow citizens devastated by Superstorm Sandy.  One of her latest endeavors, a collaborative effort with the Borough of Union Beach, Second Life Bikes of Asbury Park and The SOURCE, (Red Bank Regional (RBR)’s School Based Youth Services Program), took place on Saturday, May 4, when 80 bikes were gifted to the children and teenagers of Union Beach. The Union Beach Firehouse served as the hub of the event, as it has for most relief efforts since the storm, as volunteers delivered an assortment of bikes to elementary and high school aged children.

Mrs. Feito-Daly commented, “Union Beach is a biking community and the salt water ruined most bikes. I learned about the Second Life Bikes effort which refurbishes bikes at cost and thought that would be a wonderful way of replacing the bikes lost to Sandy.”

Although Second Life Bikes usually sells refurbished bikes at the cost of refurbishment, in this case, they gave a full donation of 50 bikes to the Union Beach effort.  With funds raised through her many professional contacts, Mrs. Daly added four brand new and very popular cruiser bikes to the event, which were raffled off to four lucky winners. Additionally, bikes that had been donated to the borough of Union Beach found a happy home at this community biking event.  The RBR SOURCE, which has operated a Hurricane Relief Fund for RBR students most impacted by Sandy, was able to fund bike locks and protective helmets, which accompanied the generous gift of fun and transportation to Union Beach residents. In all, 80 bikes were distributed by RBR student and staff volunteers that day.

Mrs. Feito-Daly’s efforts, which have gone far beyond the Second Life Bike event, were recently recognized by the RBR Board of Education.

rbr_dulcePictured (left to right) are Little Silver resident and design project management consultant Dulce-Feito-Daly and RBR principal Risa Clay at a recent RBR Board Meeting.  Principal Clay commended the RBR parent for her extraordinary efforts in aiding RBR families recovering from Sandy.  Among Mrs. Feito-Daly’s many initiatives were mattress, kitchen content and appliance refurbishing projects facilitated through her many industry contacts.  Most recently, she spearheaded a refurbished bike giveaway event for Union Beach children who lost their bicycles in the November superstorm.     

During a recent RBR Board of Education meeting, RBR Principal Risa Clay stated, “Dulce Feito-Daly contacted me following Sandy and asked how she could help in our ongoing efforts to support our families.  Since then, she has been integral in our relief effort, which has led us down some pretty incredible paths.”

Some of these paths include “Rebuilding a Family’s Kitchen,” an initiative to help families refurbish the contents of their damaged kitchens so they would be able to cook for their families.  She arranged an affordable appliance program utilizing her relationships with Better Housekeeping in Red Bank and Community Appliance in Middletown.  A mattress project also brought help to families replacing that vital and expensive item for their refurbished homes, or temporary rental residences.  Mrs. Clay adds that Mrs. Daly’s constant fundraising has also resulted in an “inordinate amount of gift cards” which were distributed during a holiday celebration at the same fire house that hosted the bike giveaway in May.

Mrs. Feito-Daly commented, “This tragedy happened in my own backyard and I was very happy to be able to utilize my resources and talents to help members of my community rebuild their lives.”