Vessel sinking in Atlantic Highlands Harbor.  photo credit: Scott Breslow 

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - A pleasure boat sank in the Atlantic Highlands harbor this evening.  Two people made their way off the boat before it sank.  

At approximately 5:30 p.m. the boat was observed traveling over the pilings at the end of the Seastreak pier, which hidden by high tide, apparently puncturing the hull. 

According to Anna Wilson in a facebook post, "We watched it from On the Deck.  (It) came over from (the) Leonardo area, over the pilings, around 5:30 or so, by the Seastreak pier and floundered. Obviously got a hole down the pilings. Made it to a dock to get people off, then started sinking."

The U.S. Coast Guard responded to the sinking of the roughly 50 foot boat in the harbor. According to MK2 Underwood, the vessel is "not in the channel and not a navigation hazard."   The vessel's owner is in discussion with a commercial marine salvage company to remove the vessel from the water.