Language Learning Video Game

You can help Aveho make the finals of the Start Something Challenge by voting once a day . With $10,000 at stake, Aveho would really appreciate your help. Local Morristown company, Aveho’s mission is to level the education playing field. Their goal is to make a great education available to all students. 

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Aveho Learning is an immersive language learning video game. You can learn to speak a foreign language without ever having to leave the comfort of your couch. We feel that learning a language should be affordable, dramatically more effective and certainly shouldn’t be boring. We’ve left language learning CD’s in the past by teaching language the way we first learned to speak as children, through immersion. 

More than 90% of language learners fail to learn a second language. Our current language learning methods simply do not work. 

Help us to make a great education available to all students. Please vote for Aveho in the semi finals of the Start Something Challenge 2017.

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