LEONARDO, NJ - "It is a local treasure that needs to be recognized and restored," states Karen Metschele, Chairman of the Sub-Committee of Girl Scout Troop 1242 Cadets.  The historic Applegate Cemetery on Cedar Avenue in Leonardo is under restoration.  The tree companies, The Tree Guy owned by Michael Sumel and the Hufenagel Tree Company have cleared away trees and brush in the cemetery.

Applegate Cemetery is overgrown with trees, shrubs and weeds.

The Girl Scout Troop 1242 Cadets have also been clearing away brush, ripping out roots and dirt. The Girl Scouts have been working very hard for months on this project, and the Gold Awards, an awards program of the Girl Scouts, will be considered for the work done on this project.

The Applegate Cemetery is owned by Middletown Township, but volunteers are funding the project. The public can participate and help in the restoration by clearing any brush outside of the cemetery, and pulling out ivy.  Ms. Metschele suggests that no brush killer be used, just vinegar, and to be careful of groundhog holes. Volunteers at this time are not able to go inside of the cemetery. The headstones need to be protected at this point of the project. 

Ms. Metschele stated that there is no insurance, and volunteers who participate in the project are doing it at their own risk.