Leonardo, NJ - On Friday, June 15, the community of Leonardo lost not only a good friend, but also one who was equivalent to a family member.  Her name was Barbara Wyckoff, the owner of Barbara's Deli on Center Avenue in Leonardo, who passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Barbara's Deli was more than a delicatessen to buy sandwiches, submarines and other food, it was a gathering place for people of the Leonardo community.  People talked about their lives, their family and friends, and Barbara was always there as a part of that community.  She was a thoughtful, kind person who would help you if needed, one could confide in her if there was any kind of a problem.  She was there for the good times as well as the bad times.

Her store will always be a part of Leonardo.  For many years the White House Store stood out as one of Leonardo's historic stores, but now Barbara's Deli will be a permanent landmark of Leonardo. 

On a personal note, Barbara was very generous to me.  She let me have book signings for my two books, "Images of America: Leonardo" and "Images of America: Sea Bright" at her store.  She set up the store for the signings and even prepared food for people to have and enjoy at the signings.  That was Barbara, always there, always unselfish.

Barbara will be greatly missed.  As one passes by the store with flowers outside of it, there is a terrible emptiness.  I know it will not last for long, because I know the spirit of Barbara will always be there.  Good-bye for now, Barbara.