RED BANK, NJ - Yes, folks it's that time of year again when the scent of fresh baked cookies, pumpkin pies, and turkey fill the air. When warm fuzzy feelings and nostalgic thoughts somehow make what we've endured this past year all worthwhile. A time of year when we give thanks to those unique individuals who have literally rescued us in our respective hours of need.

Pictured - calendar cover image of Kids swimming on Broad St. after 1965 Hurricane)

This year, Prown's Home Improvements brings you their annual calender for 2012. Featured this time around are powerful photos of weather related catastrophes over the decades in the Red Bank (and surrounding shore) area. Behind these scenes of flooding, blizzards, and hurricanes are our unsung local heros.....the Police, Fire Departments, EMS, and First Aid. No telling where we would all be without our first responders.

They are the true story here....always striving to preserve the high standards of the American way of life. So while marveling at this collection of moments in time, please think about what went on behind the scenes of these disasters. The proceeds raised from the sale of the calenders are going to the Red Bank Emergency Management team as a way of saying “Thank You” for all they do...all the time.

Calenders are available at Prown's Home Improvements, 135 Monmouth Street, Red Bank for $10 each and online at for $15.

Photos provided exclusively from Dorn’s Classic Images.