MIDDLETOWN, NJ - Flashing solar lights have been added atop road signs in the Bayshore to alert passersby when important messages are airing on Middletown’s emergency radio station at 1620AM. The solar lights were recently installed on informational road signs by Middletown Emergency Management  volunteers. The blue and yellow signs are located in Campbell’s Junction at the intersection of Leonardville Road and Main Street; Leonardo at the intersection of Leonard Avenue and Route 36; and North Middletown at the intersection Thompson Avenue and Route 36. Residents should tune to 1620AM for new messages when the lights are flashing.  The primary purpose of the station is to provide information about hurricanes and other emergencies occurring in the Bayshore.  The station is maintained by Middletown Emergency Management. Station coverage is from Highlands in the east to Keansburg in the west and from the Bayshore north to Route 35 west.  Residents can also register with the Citizen Communications Center to receive alerts from the township by e-mail and cell phone regarding coastal flooding, winter storms and other occurrences that impact the community. Register at www.middletownnj.org.

OEM Coordinator Charles W. Rogers, Operations Chief Charles Ehret and RACES Captain Mario Selletti volunteered their time to install the solar flashing lights.