cantebury art diane grayPainting by Dianne Gray

Rumson, NJ – St. George’s-by-the-River, Rumson, presents the Canterbury Art Show on September 2 - 4, 2017.  One of the participating artists, Dianne Gray, is like most artists, in one way.  Dianne was drawing and painting at an early age.  For years an accomplished pen and ink illustrator and watercolorist, she now prefers to work with pastels.  She enjoys the challenge of laying down the lights and darks and the colors that make a painting her own. 

Inspired by nature, Dianne loves to meet once a week with her fellow artists to paint outdoors (en plein air).  In winter they meet at the Middletown Art Center.  Although an interesting landscape always inspires her, she will sometimes choose a scene based on the range of darks and lights.  It doesn’t need to be colorful since she often adds her own choice of colors back in the studio.

Dianne’s enthusiasm for her art shines through her description of her painting technique.

cantebury art child

“I draw the scene on my sanded paper, apply the pastel chalk to the substrate (paper) and then do an under painting by applying denatured alcohol and making a wash.  This is the fun part.  The colors blend, run together, or drip down the sanded paper. Then this dries, I use soft pastels to enhance this under painting and make it come alive and define the scene I’m trying to capture.  It is so much fun.”

She has most recently exhibited her pastels at venues of the Pastel Society of New Jersey and since 2014 at the Canterbury Art Show.  Her artwork, including the pieces shown here, will be on exhibit for sale at the Canterbury Art Show (September 2, 3, and 4).