ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ -  The cast of Lil' Miss SpitFIRE-the Musical earned a standing ovation for their reading of the show in New York City last Saturday.

The show explores the unknown story of how Anne Sullivan became the world-famous teacher of Helen Keller. 

Several area residents including Julian Lavarra, Laurie Gentry, Samantha Talmage, Robert Talmage, Jessica Talmage, Jenna Talmage and Lorraine Lombardo were involved in the production.





Scene I-Rural Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, 1869

This is the Time (Ensemble)🎝

Scene II-The Sullivan Home

I Want a World  (Mrs. Sullivan and Annie)🎝

Scene III-Outside the Sullivan House

The Green of Home (Mr. Sullivan and Sullivan family)🎝

Scene IV-In Town

Wheels of Progress (Ensemble)🎝

Scene V-In the Sullivan Home Living Room

When I’m Gone (Mrs. Sullivan)🎝

Scene VI-In the Woodland

To Catch a Wild Bird (Ensemble)🎝

Scene VII-Back in the Sullivan Home

If this is the Last Time (Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan)🎝

Scene VIII-Inside, then Outside Aunt Statia and Uncle John’s House

Someday (Annie)🎝

Scene IX-Back Inside the House

Irish Blessing (Aunt Ellen, Annie, Jimmie)🎝

Scene X-The Dark, Damp, Foggy Street

Black Maria (Ensemble)🎝

Scene XI-The Massachusetts State Infirmary, Tewksbury

Stuck in a Musty Poorhouse (Ensemble)🎝

Scene XII-Inside the Morgue

This Must be Love (Annie, Jimmie)🎝

Scene XIII-The Main Room of the Poorhouse

Sometimes Faith is All You Need (Maggie vs. Ensemble)🎝

Scene XIV-Outside the Poorhouse

Too Rich to Be Poor  (Willie)🎝

Scene XV-Back Inside the Poorhouse

Goodbye/One of These Days (Annie)🎝



Character List-Lil’ Miss SpitFIRE-the CBC Reading

Annie Sullivan-Gabriella Kenny

Older Annie -Samantha Talmage

Mr. Sullivan-Ryan Pierce

Mrs. Sullivan-Kristi Kelly

Taylor girl-Lorraine Lombardo

Newsboy-Julian Lavarra

Salesman-Cameron Spector

Aunt Statia-Grace Scarle

Uncle John-Andrew Kelly

Cousin Shannon-Jenna Talmage

Aunt Ellen-Laurie Gentry

Stage Coach Driver-Jacob Gerbman

Jimmie Sullivan-Oliver Cope

Mean Matron-Kaylin Iannone

Maggie-Judy Malik

Snaggletooth Women of the Ward

  1. Doree Harootunian

      2.    Jessica Talmage

      3.    Laurie Gentry

Willie-Randolph Murray, Jr.


  1. Cameron Spector
  2. Jacob Gerbman
  3. Julian Lavarra

Frank B. Sanborn-Greg Vongas

Rose Marie-Lorraine Lombardo

Mean Teacher-Kaylin Iannone

Girls of Perkins:

Jessica Talmage, Jenna Talmage,

Lorraine Lombardo,

Doree Harootunian

Dr. Anagnos-Tom Shewchuk

Miss Moore-Rachel Makstein

Mrs. Hopkins-Grace Scarle

Sassy Student-Jessica Talmage

Helen Keller-Lorraine Lombardo

Band-Michael Taylor, keyboards

           Greg Vongas, bass

           Mel Chayette, percussion

Music Director-Samantha Talmage

Stage Manager-Judy Malik

Assistant Casting Director and Artistic Advisor-Jessica Talmage