nazi spy pastorMiddletown Historical Society Meets March 21

MIDDLETOWN, NJ - Terrorists among us, the so-called self-radicalized, are among the most feared threats to our safety and well-being.

A new book by the Rev. Frank Watson, "The Nazi Spy Pastor - Carl Krepper and the War in America" tells the story of an enemy in our New Jersey midst during World War II. He has revealed the history of a most unlikely place to find a spy, at the head of a church.

The Rev. Watson sifted through an enormous amount of documentary material for an amazing story that he said "needs to be told to the public" believing that, "as a representative of the church, we can't hide from stories, whether good or bad."

The Rev. Watson will give a talk on his book at the March 21 meeting of the Middletown Township Historical Society, to be held at 7PM at the Poricy Park Nature Center, 345 Oak Hill Road, Middletown. Refreshments are served and visitors are welcome.