2nd story sabrina fadialSecond Story Art Gallery Presents a Closing Reception for Exhibition "Endangered Beauty” with Artist Sabrina Fadial

Atlantic Highlands, NJ - On Saturday, November 29, the Second Story Art Gallery presents a closing reception from 6pm to 8pm for “Endangered Beauty” with artist Sabrina Fadial, 78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands.  Exhibition is free.

At first glance, this elegant "Southern" woman would seem an unlikely candidate for an artist that often slaves over a hot forge and swings hammers onto hot steel.  However, it's just that dichotomy that infuses her work and gives it so much meaning and beauty.  The contrast between the materials and the light and ethereal forms she creates are what give them such power.  Sabrina says:"As an artist, nature is my muse. Inspiration comes from my personal life experience. The work of art is a byproduct of the creative process, which is life itself. I am a collector of seed pods, corks and rusty bits (treasures from scrap yards, industrial detritus)." 

Second Story Art Gallery exhibits artwork that is highly crafted, but also goes beyond the material and speaks to and comments on its experiences in the world. Committed to the local community, Second Story Art Gallery works with other galleries and arts organizations to promote arts and culture in Monmouth County.

For more information, please visit www.secondstoryart.com and facebook.com/SecondStoryArtGallery