2nd story gallery david french laura sharp wilsonIMAGE: Laura  Sharp Wilson & David French Collaboration

Opening Reception, September 27

Atlantic Highlands, NJ - On Saturday, September 27, the Second Story Art Gallery presents “Through the Middle” with artists Laura Sharp Wilson and David French, with an opening reception from 6:00-8:00pm at 78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands.  Exhibition is free and runs from September 27 to October 25.

"Through the Middle" is an exhibition of collaborative and solo drawings by the artists Laura Sharp Wilson and David French. Wilson and French have known each other since the age of 17, when they attended art school together. Now in their late 40's the artists share many of the same influences, yet their mature work is quite different. A collaboration via correspondence seemed a logical project for a decades long friendship, which has circled around art making. The title "Through the Middle" refers to not only the artists' middle age, but also the middle of the country the drawings had to cross. Wilson lives in Salt Lake City while French is based in central New Jersey.

Second Story Art Gallery exhibits artwork that is highly crafted, but also goes beyond the material and speaks to and comments on its experiences in the world. Committed to the local community, Second Story Art Gallery works with other galleries and arts organizations to promote arts and culture in Monmouth County.