water witch coffee ana zalachian 1August 29 - October 31

HIGHLANDS, NJ - The Water Witch Coffee & Tea Co. in Highlands, New Jersey is holding an exclusive exhibition of the works of Cuban-American artist Ana Zalachian entitled "Whispers of Home" featuring a stellar exhibition of large and extraordinary portraits and paintings. The much-anticipated installation will run from Aug. 29th through the end of October.


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A meet-the-artist reception on Friday August 29th at 7 pm. A light fair menu will be available as well as pastries, specialty coffee and tea drinks.

Zalachian's remarkable life sized realistic portraits utilize different medium - gouache, candlewax, pastels, oil paint and most of all charcoal. "My favorite medium is charcoal because of the dramatic effect it creates: being a material burned by fire, I find it forceful, life giving and supremely valuable to convey the nuances I wish to express," states the artist, adding that her tools are her fingers. "Using them I feel more connected to the subject, touching and rubbing the portraits as they emerge on the paper." The works demonstrate Ana's fascination and interest in people. She often chooses subjects relating to Cuba, the home from which her family was exiled in 1961. "From my family's stories, Cuba is for me both a mythical and actually familiar place" explains Zalachian, "and drawing these images is my attempt to recover things unknown to me but profoundly rooted in atavistic memories."water witch coffee ana zalachian 3

Ana Zalachian grew up in South Orange and lives in Hoboken, NJ. She has completed an MA in Studio Art at New York University and currently works as an art teacher in the Union City schools. Ms. Zalachian's undergraduate degree was granted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and she has also attended Cooper Union and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her recent exhibitions include the Hoboken Artists Studio Tour and her solo exhibition, RETRA FIGURIAS at 80 Washington Square East Galleries in New York, NY.

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