2nd story gallery buntzen winter surfIMAGE: Richard Buntzen “Abandoned”

Atlantic Highlands, NJ - On Saturday, June 28, the Second Story Art Gallery presents a closing reception of exhibition “Side by Side” with artists Richard Buntzen and Marge Levine. Reception is from 6-8pm at 78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands.  Exhibition runs until July 5.

Marge Levine first saw Richard Buntzen's collages when he attended a workshop comprised mostly of pastel artists.  Struck by the color and design of Buntzen's work, Levine went on to curate an exhibit of his pieces, and the two began a friendship that has strengthened with artistic collaborations.  "Side By Side" is a direct result of these artists working together over the last year, both outdoors-most of the images feature local destinations--and in the studio.  Their seemingly divergent approaches to art and the creative process develop their work as well as enriching their bond as friends.

2nd story gallery levin christmas day

IMAGE: Marge Levine “Christmas Day”

Second Story Art Gallery exhibits artwork that is highly crafted, but also goes beyond the material and speaks to and comments on its experiences in the world. Committed to the local community, Second Story Art Gallery works with other galleries and arts organizations to promote arts and culture in Monmouth County.