HIGHLANDS, NJ - The Historic Highlands are known as “where the Jersey Shore begins,” and in its long life, its residents and visitors have contributed to a rich, vibrant past. In this book, local historian John King compiles over eighty stories authored by more than forty Highlands residents who have experienced life here and embrace its heritage. Some of their tales deal with aspects intrinsic to the region, such as clamming and vacationing summer tourists. Some are thrilling accounts from the days of Prohibition, when rumrunners used the shores as ports for illicit booze. From everyday life, to World War II, to sailing and famous residents, discover the history of Highlands, New Jersey. 


John P. King, the editor of this work, has obviously gotten some of the historical sands of Highlands into his shoes, for in his writings he has returned to Highlands time after time. This, his fifth published book on Highlands history, has proved to him to be his most enjoyable, for it gives voice to the very people who made the town the delightful place it once was and still is today. King had lived in Highlands some ten years with his wife, Helen, and children, residing in the Dr. Mary Reed hospital, which became their Water Witch House Bed and Breakfast and which prompted his research and writing on Highlands. He developed his historical writing skills as a teacher (now retired) of Latin and French for thirty years at Red Bank Regional High School. He is always deeply grateful to the people of Highlands for their generosity in sharing its history with him and for their kind support and appreciation of his writings.