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Lincroft, NJ, June 6, 2012 – Brookdale’s TV and Film Club has announced the winners of the fourth 48 Hour Film Festival that screened entries on Sunday, June 3. Participants began their film projects on Friday, June 1and had to meet the 1:00 p.m. submission deadline Sunday for the screening premier that began at 6:00 p.m.

From the nine entries, the winners included:


First Place Winner: "Me/TV"

Team name: Totally Sweet

Team members:

Magee Fahey (New York) Joanne Wilson (New York), Sergio Casal (Hazlet), Paul McLernan (New York), Adam Shaljian (New York)

Director:  Magee Fahey

Editor:  Magee Fahey & Sergio Casal

Director of Photography:  Adam Shaljian

Cast: Magee Fahey, Joanne Wilson, Sergio Casal, Paul McLernan, Adam Shaljian



Second Place Winner:  "An Unfinished Game"

Team name: What If? 

Team members:

Michael Boyce (Neptune) & Eric Cheavers (Howell)

Director:  Michael Boyce & Eric Cheavers

Editor:  Michael Boyce & Eric Cheavers 

Director of Photography:  Michael Boyce & Eric Cheavers

Cast:  Mike Dowling (Howell), Emily Pereira (Freehold)


Third Place Winner:  "III"

Team name:  TBA

Team members:

Justin Guerrieri (Middletown), Rick Cook (Point Pleasant), Jeff Onorato (Belford), Trevor Dahm (Texas)

Director:  Justin Guerrieri

Editor:   Justin Guerrieri & Rick Cook

Director of Photography:  Rick Cook

Cast: Jason Guerrieri (Middletown,) Jamie Bolden (Howell,) Trevor Dahm (Texas), Hope Roselle (Point Pleasant)



Additional Award Categories:

The Club Choice Award: "Kismet" Team Jag, Lauren Oullette & Kaelyn Newton (Old Bridge)

Best Director:  Magee Fahey (New York) for "Me/TV"

Best Actor:  Magee Fahey (New York)  for "Me/TV"

Best Actress:  Joanne Wilson (New York) for "Me/TV"

Cinematography:  Rick Cook (Point Pleasant) for "III"

Editing:  Michael Boyce (Neptune) & Eric Cheavers (Howell) for "An Unfinished Game"


Submission criteria required the films be no longer than 10 minutes to be screened and eight minutes or less to qualify for a chance to win prizes.  Genre examples include but were not limited to mystery, horror or comedy and include special parameters. All the films that met the submission guidelines were screened and from that group, four films were selected for gift card awards. First place was for $300, $150 for Second place and Third place received a $50 gift card. An Honorable Mention/Club Choice was also selected.

The community is invited to view the 2012 submissions and also enjoy the entries from past years. All are posted on the Brookdale homepage at:  For more information regarding video and film activities and classes at Brookdale, contact club advisor, Jennifer Yannibelli at her e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.