gop balloon dropDonald J. Trump is the Republican Nominee for President of the United States of America

anna littleWhat a whirlwind of a week it has been here at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio. The city of Cleveland has been decked out with welcome signs in red white and blue.  It's clear that Cleveland knew Republicans were coming and the city was ready for us.

Cleveland is fun, friendly, and safe. Police from all across the nation patrolled the streets on bicycle, horseback, and on foot. These patrols kept protests contained and quickly dispersed skirmishes before they could escalate.

gop mounted police

Barricades throughout the city kept vehicles away from the convention area.  Although this required long walks between parking lots and the Quicken Loans Arena, GOP Express busses were permitted to drop credentialed delegates and honorary delegates closer to convention events.

Media Row at the Quicken Loans Arena garage consisted of over 200 media outlets.  The area was buzzing all four days as politicians, elected officials, policy experts and celebrities strolled from outlet to outlet giving live interviews on a wide variety of topics related to the upcoming presidential election.

The NJ Delegation was housed in Beachwood OH roughly 20 minutes from the city. Morning briefings were informative and entertaining. Evening social events were casual and fun. Governor Christie was warm and comfortable interacting with the crowds.  Delegates were able to take photos and ask him questions.  His staff was patient and cordial with the delegation.

The Life of the Party, an event hosted by the National Pro-Life Coalition founded by Phyllis Schiafly, was a lovely event. Ralph Reed spoke in tribute to Phyllis who worked tirelessly throughout her career to ensure Republicans maintained the pro-life platform.

Susan B Anthony List and Family Research Council jointly hosted a pro life luncheon where Marjorie Dannenfelser (SBA President),  and Tony Perkins (FRC founder) were joined by Gov. Rick Perry (Texas) and Gov. Sam Brownback (Kansas) speaking to the need for protection of their most vulnerable constituents, the unborn.

The Latino Coalition of which my friend Manny Rosales serves on the board and Americans for Tax Reform, founded by Grover Norquist both chose the Powerhouse as venue for their meetings.  The Powerhouse is a unique venue which provided a relaxed setting for serious policy strategy and discussion.

The concentration of the delegations  near to city limits and credentials for the convention floor made visits with delegates from Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, NY, and Alaska possible. It was fun to meet republicans from all over the country all passionate about our nation's future and the future of next generations.

gop juan carlos lopez
PHOTO:  Juan Carlos Lopez of CNN en Espanol

The Republican National Committee themed the convention with slogans:  Make America Safe Again, Make America Work Again, Make America First Again, Make America One Again, Make America Great Again providing the slogans to be carried throughout the election.   The speakers provided stories and talking points for Republicans to bring home.

gop sam brownbackPHOTO: Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas

The RNC Convention in Cleveland has been exciting and fun. Where else could one bump into Newt Gingrich on a deserted sidewalk and snap a photo?  But more importantly we've had an exhilarating look into the process of selecting and grooming a presidential nominee and perhaps the next President of the United States. After this unique opportunity to witness democracy in action and history in the making, it is now up to us to see that our candidate makes it into the Oval Office.

gop newt gingrich

For We The People our work has just begun.

gop ivanka

photo:  Ivanka Trump

gop trump

PHOTO: Donald J. Trump

gop 2016 convention closing night