gop bramnick siekerka fergusonPHOTO: This morning's NJ Delegation Briefing was a panel discussion about lobbying and legislative process. (Left to Right NJ Assembly Leader John Bramnick, NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka, former Congressman Michael Ferguson (NJ)

The discussion focused on special interests, constituent demands, and the need for compromise in order to get things done.


I attended the Life and Values luncheon sponsored by Susan B Anthony List. 

gop dannenfelser little fergusonPHOTO: With Marjorie Dannenfelser and Michael Ferguson (NJ)

The Family Research Council and the Latino Coalition luncheon was at the Powerhouse. Great venue. Christie spoke there. I wasn't able to stay.

gop schaflyPHOTO: Phyllis Schiafly speaks to the crowd.

Yesterday's lunch was sponsored by the Republican National Coalition for Life founded by Phyllis Schiafly. Phyllis is responsible in large part for maintains the pro-life portion of the RNC Platform

gop life luncheon

Grover Norquist (ATR) Americans for Tax Reform Wednesday Meeting (usually at ATR offices in DC) was also held at the Powerhouse.  It's an off the record meeting focused on reducing taxes.

gop perry littlePHOTO: With Gov. Rick Perry

Evening session of the RNC Convention last night was preceded by the roll call of each state for vote tallies for nomination of the republican candidate for the President of the United States.  Several states objected to RNC recording of vote tallies and required a poll of the delegates by the RNC officials in an effort to correct the rally. 

gop roll call

The process was tedious but necessary to ensure that an actual vote count was recorded in fairness to all candidates. The session concluded with unified support for the candidacy of Donald J Trump for President of the United States.

Media row consists of over 200 media outlets covering the Convention and conducting live interviews of RNC Surrogates, speakers and leaders of policy and issue organizations.

The Convention floor was packed. Festive attire ranged from red, white and blue business attire to full blown Uncle Sam outfits and fancy festive headwear.

gop police line

Protests were continuous outside the Quicken Loans Arena.  Black Lives Matter and homosexual rights activists claimed sponsorship of some of the protests. Protests were peaceful and police presence extremely strong. At one point yesterday afternoon police formed a walkway three men strong in each side for convention goers to safely enter and exit the arena. Bomb sniffing dogs are stationed at every entry exit location and patrolled Media row throughout the day. Police and Secret Service are doing a superb job at keeping convention goers safe.