Monmouth Beach, NJ - The 3rd Annual Shana Surf Jam brought more than 100 surfers to the powerful waves of the Monmouth Beach pipeline on a bright sunny October Saturday.  Every heat had a stand-out ride, but the heat of the day starred the women surfers who dazzled the crowd of nearly 800 onlookers. “Wave choice was critical; this contest was not about quantity, but quality”, noted Event Directors Tyler Thompson and Bryan Zinski. “This was the perfect way to honor Shana: this beautiful day on the beach, the surf and so many of her friends,” said sponsor, surfer and friend of Shana, John Majeski of ServPro Eatontown.

Sticking the rare open faced and steep drop waves, Kim Kepich dominated for the second year in a row the Women’s Short Board division.  PJ Raia won the Pro Am division, generously donating his winnings to The Shana Foundation as did second place winner John Smythe.   1st place Men’s Short Board winner was Bryan Martin.  Jr. Men’s Short Board winner, Tyler Redy, took home the JC surfboard donated by Bare Wires, Long Branch.   Boys Short Board winner, Patrick Parenty, also took first place in the boys 13 and under Body Boarding competition.  His brother, Nick, won the 14 and up Body Board competition. In the open long board division, 14 year-old Alex Brooks took first place and what a great ride he had! Jill Kepich took second in Women’s Short Board, but Kara Borzillo, an engineer from South Jersey and third place finisher, was the winner of the day.  Her prize, a Grateful Shred custom designed surfboard, was  donated by Michael Stadler, designer,  for New Life Surf Boards of Long Branch.

Surfing Sisters  Jill and Kim Kepwich

Z-100 and WCBS aired public service announcements.  Surfline, Ergo, Volcom, Summa Love Surf Camp, Spellbinders, Emerica, Vans, Nike SB, ES, Nike 6.0, Atwater, Nixon, Billabong, Stokaboka, Lightly Salted, Bare Wires, Shaka, and Hawaiian Island Creations donated prizes and promotional giveaways.  Gracie and the Dudes of Sea Bright served pumpkin ice cream cones to everyone’s delight.

Mention the Shana Foundation at our sponsor, Shaka in Pier Village, and 10% of your check will go directly to The Shana Foundation. The food is fresh, inexpensive and very tasty. With its surfing motif and surfing sequences on flat screen, Shaka has always been there for The Shana Foundation.

Vendors, colorful tents, great food, prizes and awards made the Surf Jam a truly successful event.  Gourmet Barbeque of Monmouth Beach donated fresh grilled barbeque meats on skewers cooked to perfection by Jamie Mazzacco, Brian Prinsell, Lou Borzillo and Brant Gigas. Volunteers Lori Zucker and Leonora Borzillo helped with registration.  Colette LaPorta and Bernadette Davies worked marketing and Trish Stadler signed on as administrative assistant for The Shana Foundation.  Regina Stevenson organized the prizes.  Serv Pro of Eatontown moved the supplies to and from the event venue and as they always do, did an impeccable job in the post-event clean up. The Borough of Monmouth Beach, Brian Prinsell of Homes and Land, Cliff Zucker of JH Cohn and George Moutis of Structural Concepts of Ocean all worked setup and logistics. Tabulators Allison Banta, Kelsey O’Hare, Meg McAllister and Kelly Krystopowitcz assisted the coolest team of Event Directors, Brian Zinski and Tyler Thompson.  World class Surfers and Judges, John Smythe, Brian Parnegian, Tyler Vaugn, Dan Ciambrone, Joe Schluter and Scout and Horn Blower, Big Bill Brooks all contributed to the success of the event.

Organized by the great blues man, Sandy Mack, ten bands played and donated their music throughout the day. Dale Lakata, Al-Vis, Poppa John, Sam Sims with Stu Coogan, Colie Brice, Corey Wagar, Bobby Strange with Michael Brett, Anjelia and the Boys, Keith Kenny, Arlan Feiles, C.M. Smith, Eryn Shewell with Sandy Mack, No Wine For Kittens and Special guest MC Jeff Raspe from 90.5 The Night each made their special contribution.

Kim Kepich 1st place Womens Division sticks the steep

The Shana Foundation is a non profit charity whose mission is to keep kids free of bacterial meningitis.  Founder and Director, Madeline Wasserman, lost her daughter from complications in the treatment of the disease and has honored Shana’s memory by campaigning for education of medical personnel, parents and students to recognize disease symptoms and learn about emergency treatment protocols .

The Shana Foundation recently gained the support of Wachovia Wells Fargo Bank and Google to further online and school aged and college campus educational programs.  The Foundation sponsored a lecture at the Emergency Services Meridian Health 1st Annual Symposium in September 2010 and recently hung a treatment protocol plaque donated by The New Jersey Marathon at Saint Barnabus hospital in Livingston, New Jersey and Merck Foundation donated one to Jersey Shore Medical Center.

“We have the responsibility to finish our over-all goal of educating all school-aged children and their parents and medical emergency personnel about the symptoms and immediate treatment of bacterial meningitis.  To this end, we look to raise $100,000, to complete our online educational videos and printable comic booklets” explains Madeline Wasserman.  She invites the public to watch You Tube videos of “Surfing to Save Lives”, “Knowledge is Power” and “Shana’s Rainbow” to learn about The Shana Foundation and the warning signs, dangers and treatment protocols.  “Life is Precious: Let’s join together to keep our children free of bacterial meningitis.”  For photo album, contest results, You Tube videos, more information or to DONATE NOW, please go to