EATONTOWN, NJ - Big Brothers Big Sisters is asking for your vote in the Pepsi Refresh Project.  They are eligible to win $250,000 for the New Jersey mentoring program.  Following is a letter sent via e-mail to facebook  friends and others.

Help Support Big Brothers Big Sister of NJ

Dear Friends, Associates and Colleagues,

We Need Your Vote to help us win $250,000!

Pepsi has chosen us to be eligible for $250,000 in funding through their Pepsi Refresh Project during the month of September!

Please read below and forward it to your network...your votes and effort to spread the word will help us win! Imagine the difference this funding can make in the lives of at-risk youth throughout New Jersey!

Voting has already started and will continue until September 30th.

Vote Today Vote Everyday until Sept. 30

How To Vote:

New voters will be asked to sign up which requires entering your name, email and password.

Vote Now!

Once registered, every time you go back to vote you simply sign in with your email and password.
You can and should vote daily!

Voting ends September 30th.

Please vote early and often!

Also Vote via text message! Just text 102584 to pepsi (73774)

And on Facebook with the Pepsi Refresh Facebook App

Your Vote is Big!


Help us win $250,000.


Log On & Vote to Support & Expand 
Big Brothers Mentoring Programs throughout the State of New Jersey.

You can go to our website to learn more about us