Repeated Votes on Spending Also Keeping Incumbent’s Numbers Down

Highlands, NJ – In a poll released by the Anna Little for Congress campaign, Anna Little is only six points behind 22-year incumbent Frank Pallone.  The poll, conducted by National Research Inc., shows Pallone at 40% and Little closing the gap at 34%.  Perhaps most telling is that Pallone has nearly 100% name ID among voters in the district.  “The more people learn about Anna Little, the more they like her and can see her as the right alternative to the incumbent.  The voters already know about Frank Pallone and becoming increasingly uncomfortable with his out-of-touch voting record.  He’s been in Washington too long and has become a bit too cozy with Nancy Pelosi.” commented campaign chair, Leigh-Ann Bellew.

Aside from Pallone’s voting history and strong support of Speaker Pelosi’s agenda, Anna’s campaign is running an unprecedented ground effort that is taking her message directly to the voters.  During the past five weeks, Anna Little’s volunteer army has knocked on more than 10,000 doors in the Sixth District.  A tireless campaigner, having won her past five elections for Mayor and Freeholder in similar fashion, Anna is comfortable taking her message directly to the voters.

Little said she was heartened and gratified by the results, though she admitted she is not surprised: “The arrogance of Frank Pallone and Nancy Pelosi aside, New Jersey voters have sent and are sending an unmistakable message to Democratic incumbents - stop spending money we don’t have and bankrupting our children.   It seems that neither Governor Christie’s election nor the unsustainable path on which the Democrats in Congress have put America matter to entrenched incumbents like Frank Pallone and Nancy Pelosi.   As Frank Pallone said at his town hall last year, he just knows better what’s good for us.”

Little’s ground game arrives in Manalapan this Saturday, August 28th, beginning with a meet and greet followed by dozens of volunteers and the candidate spending the day in the neighborhoods.  The details will be announced on Wednesday, August 25th.